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Vivent Health, formerly known as AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin, has been a proud partner of Coakley Brothers and Brothers Interiors for over 20 years. Their mission is to provide the best possible patient-centered care for individuals diagnosed with HIV or AIDS. The organization is known for taking a holistic approach providing education, prevention, health and wellness, pharmacy, medical care, dental care, food pantry and nutrition, legal services, housing programs and case management.

Vivent Health currently has fourteen locations throughout the country with an aggressive growth plan to add three new clinics every year. Coakley Brothers and Brothers Interiors has been pleased to expand with Vivent Health every step of the way. Total revenue over the past six years has increased by 6000%! Congratulations and a big thank you to all of you who work every day to make it happen. Especially Billy Zlotocha, Madeline Smith, Zoe Braun and Chris Milbrath who form a formidable project team leading this important account.

The attached images are from our most recent project in Austin, TX. This project included Brothers Interiors furniture design, new furniture procurement, new furniture installation, relocation support and decommission. All work was executed through OMA partners located in the Austin area. This Austin project followed similar projects completed in Kansas City, MO and Denver, CO. A large new Milwaukee office is on the horizon and we are in line to furnish that for Vivent.