Tri City National Bank Oak Creek Headquarters2023-08-18T16:19:55+00:00
Brothers Interiors has executed three large projects for Tri City Bank over the past 5 years with multiple smaller projects scattered throughout. Our three major projects include Tri City Loan Review (AKA “The Hardware Store”), Tri City Operations Center and Tri City Headquarters. This Tri City Headquarters project was completed in November of 2022 and was comprised of four Senior VP private offices and two custom conference rooms from HALCON, an extremely high-end furniture manufacturer based out of Minneapolis. The remaining twenty-eight private offices and ancillary common areas were furnished using OFS. We provided most of the millwork on the project utilizing OFS Mile Marker. Much of the millwork and furniture on this project was custom with premium finishes. I think this project exemplified the full range of our capabilities. Everything from trash cans, signage and window treatments to the custom wood accent walls and cabinetry. We spent just over a year on the project.