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Heartland based Town Bank, is a subsidiary of Rosemont, Illinois-based Wintrust Financial Group. Founded in 1998, Town Bank is known for it’s community minded, locally run mantra, that includes understanding the needs of their clients and then tailoring their products to fit those needs.

With over 20 branches in Milwaukee and Madison, Brothers Interiors first worked with Town Bank when they made the decision to expand with their first City of Milwaukee location, landing in the ever growing Walker’s Point on 140 S. 1st Street. Brothers worked with Mike Hopp, VP of Facilities, to design a branch that would attract and retain a cross-generational workforce well-suited for the clientele they are serving in this market. On the heels of this success, they added their next branch in the Central City, purchasing a building at 4720 W. Lisbon Avenue. This 3000 square foot office, with a staff of six, was specifically designed to welcome the surrounding small business community. Town Bank likes working with Brothers Interiors and Coakley Brothers for their responsiveness, flexibility and processed oriented solutions.