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Milwaukee is part of the Local JobNetwork™, which consists of over 600 locally-focused employment and diversity websites. They are a premier online network of quality jobs in the Milwaukee area – connecting the most progressive companies with the most qualified career-minded individuals.

Since 2012, Brothers Interiors has been the go-to furniture dealer for Milwaukee Jobs as they have grown, necessitating a relocation to their current corporate address at 1000 N. Water St. 11th floor, orchestrated by the Coakley Brothers team. Brothers Interiors worked with then owners Scott and Lynn Molitor to transform the private offices, workstations, conference, training and break rooms to include signage for all. Lynn trusted Brothers again, for our economical and prompt solutions and two years ago, worked with us when they expanded their footprint to the 12th floor. This floor would be designed specifically for their inside/outside sales force, adding additional workstations as well as creating a unique glass wall enclosed space, designed to promote accountability and develop relationship and value added sales techniques. Today, we are working with their current team to maximize the rest of their 12th floor for both sales team and managers to be available for growth in 2018 and beyond.