Mark Klenz

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Mark Klenz

Director of Sales Development

Mark Klenz manages the company’s larger strategic accounts, and develops friendships in the process. He takes particular pride in getting to know his customers and understanding their needs. His quick response time allows customers to feel comfortable that he will keep their project on track.

He spent 12 years in sales-related positions before joining Coakley in 2001 as a Commercial Moving Consultant, learning all facets of the Company’s operations and account management. Mark shares his experience with the Company’s sales staff as a trainer and mentor, and also customized a software estimating program that allows them to estimate more quickly and more accurately.

He is a member of the Southeast Wisconsin Chapter of the Wisconsin Health Engineers Association (WHEA), holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Concordia University, and has completed the “Executive Training, High-Performance Selling” program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Mark is an avid golfer and Scuba diver. He and his wife live in Germantown.

Positioning Statement
Highly-successful and engaging business developer and commercial account manager whom customers depend upon