The relationship between Synthetaic and Coakley Brothers and Brothers Interiors began during the pandemic.  The company is an engineering firm based in Delafield, Wisconsin.  Synthetaic made a simple phone call to us, in need of our services to move and store their furniture as they evaluated business decisions related to physical office space.  Their team was blown away by the walkthrough and proposal presentation, and Afrim’s knowledge and awareness provided comfort to award us the project, despite being one of the highest quotes they received.  The sky is the limit from there!

The humble beginning has earned us several subsequent opportunities across the company.  First, we moved items from their former office space into our commercial storage, Stadium Self Storage, and to the CEO’s residence.  The building logistics were tricky to navigate for our move team, with stairs, tight corners, and driveway access.  Creativity but the crew while executing the job provided efficiencies that everyone appreciated!

Second, we worked with Synthetaic on new furniture for a space they would temporarily occupy.  Zoe was tasked with sourcing divider product that had a fast lead time, could easily be moved and reconfigured and provided acoustic absorption and privacy.  The architecture of this space was no easier to work in than the former space…delicate walls, obstructing existing fixtures and unique ceiling pitches.  Her strong interior design solutions earned us trust on the Brothers Interiors side of the company.  Our installation crew executed a difficult installation of new product while maintaining great standing with the client, who continually compliments all of our field staff.  After install, we moved all of their items from storage to the office to bring the employees back to the office for their necessary collaboration efforts as a hybrid model.  We have had several supplemental orders since as well, as recent as today!

We now find ourselves as the preferred vendor for all services and future work with Synethatic, who has recently gotten a lot of publicity due to their rapid growth, unique business, and involvement in a new major development of a mixed-use building, The Grain, in the heart of downtown Delafield.  We look forward to continuing to service this client and support their exciting growth slated for spring/summer 2023.