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Helwig Carbon Products is a nearly 100 year old Manufacturing Titan located on Milwaukee’s Northwest side. Founded in 1928, Helwig Carbon built a 130,000 state of the art manufacturing facility in 1988 to accommodate their growing business and employee base.

Brothers Interiors worked with this venerable company to update their office furniture and interior finishes to better meet the demands of their 21st century employees. With inter-department collaboration a key part of Helwig’s success, tall workstation panels and closed off work environments did aid the work of current employees.

Led by Director of Design Amy Kopplin, Brothers transformed Helwig’s Engineering, Marketing, Accounting & Customer Service Departments. Providing finishes that emphasized and promoted the Helwig Carbon brand and transforming the working environment for over 40 of their employees.

Improved workflow, collaboration, natural light distribution and space usage were key areas of improvement for the company.

Visit this transformed space in the pictures that follow!