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The Coakley Brothers family of companies, has been working with Falk Legal since their inception, relocating their business four times.

Their growth has been impressive, thanks to well known and respected attorney Matt Falk, whose core focus is reducing risk and minimizing loss through Insurance Law and Commercial Litigation. The firms’ trusted, skillful, systematic and efficient legal services, extend to all 72 counties in Wisconsin. Headquartered at 740 N. Plankington Avenue, their design goal of attracting and retaining Wisconsin’s finest legal team, is ever changing.

These changes include interesting artwork, pool and foosball tables (yes, the competition is fierce) and an emphasis on health and well-being. Mind sharing spaces with Smart Boards and private office and workstations with height adjustable desks, are just a few of the items that the Brothers Interiors team has worked with the firm administrator on all the while keeping our eye on their economical viewpoint paired with customer service solutions.