Cordstrap manufacturers and provides cargo security and solutions for global shipping needs. Based out of the Netherlands, Cordstrap has offices in over 50 countries. Their local facility being located in Sturtevant, Wisconsin houses 75 employees. Recently adding another Midwest office in Rosemont, Illinois, Brothers was instrumental in providing space design, office paint and flooring updates, furniture specification and installation, and moving assistance to both locations.

Working together with Corstrap’s executive marketing team Brothers was introduced to the new direction they were headed with office design. Originally applied in their European offices, Cordstrap was ready to modernize their spaces globally. Dan Stroven with Brothers headed the early phases of renovation overseeing new paint and flooring. Once this portion of the project was completed Coakley Brothers installers and movers were onsite to reconfigure workstations and private offices. Moving employees into open work areas created opportunity for unique breakout spaces for employees to collaborate and have internal meetings. Custom wall coverings were applied with Cordstrap products and logos being put on display. Furniture delivery and installation was on time and stayed in budget.

Cordstrap’s Illinois office was consistent with Sturtevant’s updates. The same product was selected for both offices which helped for a smooth and straightforward order process. Brothers was able to provide an open line of communication and responsiveness while working with a client in another country and time zone.