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Aurora is Wisconsin’s largest Healthcare organizations. With a system that includes 15 hospitals, 150 clinics, 70 pharmacies, 32,000 employees and over 1,800 physicians, their furniture needs are completely unique and expansive.

The Coakley Brothers family of companies has long support Aurora Healthcare with their Design, Furniture, New Product Distribution, Installation, Moving & Storage needs. There is no sector of our organization that does not provide support to our customers at Aurora on some level. Our Diamond Class philosophy to internal customer service was built around providing “round the clock” support to customers like Aurora. We take great pride in knowing that our products and services do not just serve the entity of this customer, but also serve the millions of patients and families that Aurora employees care for on a yearly basis.

Partnering with Integra, a Wisconsin based manufacturer known for its quality, durability and design, Brothers Interiors was the key furnishings provider that supported a complete remodel of Aurora’s Urgent Care facility on Good Hope Road in Milwaukee. Working with the Design and Facilities team at Aurora, Brothers developed a customized finish and fabric schedule to provide needed contrast between the many patients areas and waiting rooms we provided furniture for.

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