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Aaron Winkler

Workplace Consultant

Aaron Winkler joined the company in 2005 as an installer, was later named lead installer, and then promoted to field supervisor. With an understanding of business from the inside out, he assumed his current role with Brothers Business Interiors in 2013.

His many years in the field gives him an edge when estimating jobs and managing customer time constraints. For projects large and small, Aaron uses his technical expertise to evaluate alternative solutions and solve problems as they arise, often diagnosing the feasibility of a reconfiguration during a site visit.

His previous experience in customer service and door-to-door sales provided ideal training, teaching him the importance of listening, staying positive, and remaining calm under pressure. If he doesn’t know an answer, he knows how to find it. The perfect antidote to the anxiety associated with almost any move.

Aaron studied Architectural Technology at MATC. He lives in Bay View with his four children, ages 8 to 16. For fun, Aaron goes camping, skiing, and snowboarding.


Positioning Statement

Sales consultant and project manager whose field experience helps him evaluate solutions in real-time for more efficient and less stressful workplace transitions